Welcome New Members!

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Welcome New Members!

Post by Torque on Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:42 am

Hello and Welcome to the forum. Come in and introduce yourself.

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Re: Welcome New Members!

Post by WhiteRook on Fri May 07, 2010 7:02 pm

Hey guys,

I've gotten to meet many of you already and most of you know that before I got into airsoft this year, I spent the past 20 years in Civil War & WWII Reenacting. I'm also a member of the MVPA as I'm restoring a WWII Jeep GPW.

I grew up in the Cleveland area and joined the Army in 1973. I was stationed at White Sands until my discharge in 1977. I then went to the University of Dayton to study Civil Engineering and settled in Mason, Ohio in 1981 after graduation. I lived there and raised a family until 2005 when I took a job as the City Engineer for Columbus, Ohio. After the move, my life kinda feel apart ... cancer, divorce, and major job dissatisfaction. But by 2009, I was able to move back to Greater Cincinnati with a new job, cleared of cancer, and a new wife.

I'm really taking to airsoft milsims. They picked up were WWII Reenactments have left me flat. Using bb's is much better than blanks and it is much easier to score a "hit".

I look forward to seeing you guys in the field again,


aka WhiteRook

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